Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Sida/SAREC-Funded NUR-LiU Cooperation in Mathematics

Since 2007, the Department of Mathematics participates in a Sida/SAREC-funded project together with the National University of Rwanda (NUR), Butare, Rwanda.

The project has two objectives.

  • The first is to strengthen the Department of Mathematics at NUR by training its staff to Masters and eventually PhD level; this will provide Rwanda with graduates with a background in mathematics, with a broad knowledge and with the experience needed to work successfully as mathematicians in industry and at university.
  • The second objective is to develop the MSc program in applied mathematics at NUR through the involvement of LiU staff.

Responsible coordinators and contacts

Froduald Minani, Department of Mathematics, National University of Rwanda

Bengt Ove Turesson, Department of Mathematics, Linköping University