Country wide Library Research Supporting Component

When the project started in 2002, the purpose of the library support was to “Offer better access to appropriate information to the Library users”.
This involved purchasing electronic journals which in turn created a need of ICT equipment in order to access the electronic information. Apart from purchasing e-journals and ICT equipment, the project focused on capacity building, both of library staff and library users.
The objectives of the library sub programs have changed slightly and since 2014 they are as follows.

Main objective

To reinforce the work of creating a modern research library at the core of the university, providing relevant support and resources necessary for the research capacity development at the University of Rwanda
Specific objectives

  1. To establish a university wide library system.
  2. This specific objective meets up the needs of making the services of the library/libraries better known, integrated and communicated within the growing University of Rwanda.
  3. To increase the access of appropriate scientific information resources and facilities for the university community.
  4. To increase the usage of appropriate scientific information resources.
  5. To increase the library staff competence for the user satisfaction.

More information on the activities within the sub program can be found at the blog: Capacity building of university libraries in Rwanda with Swedish university partners
The original partners were the libraries of the National University of Rwanda and the library at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Since 2013 all the libraries of the new and merged University of Rwanda are partners of the project.

In 2012 the Swedish School of Library and Information Science at the University of Borås joined the team and already in 2014 the first PhD student in Library and information science started her studies in Borås.

Team leaders;

In Rwanda at UR:
Mrs Marguerite UMUBYEYI, team leader and library director at CASS.
Mr. Daton Eric NGILINSHUTI, deputy team leader and Library Information Systems Manager at Huye Campus.
In Sweden:
Veronica Trépagny, team leader and international coordinator at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science.
Anna Stockman, deputy team leader and librarian at Blekinge Institute of Technology.