ICT Infrastructure

Introduction and Objectives of the program

ICT Infrastructure support plays a vital part in any university research and development (R&D) environment. In Rwanda we are anticipating a substantial, resident Masters and PhD training which will mandate a resilient and proficient ICT infrastructure. Affording a high capacity and consistent ICT access to all researchers is of overriding consequence for the individual and overall achievement of the program. This requires the ICT Center to increase the bandwidth capacity and increase the redundancy in the fiber backbone to provide an improved and constant access to the information resources needed by the researchers. This will not only impact the R&D output at NUR but also improve the quality of teaching, learning and research in all Higher Learning Institutions and Research institutions in Rwanda by enabling the network access.

The purpose of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Infrastructure Development is to promote research in robust, reliable, secure and affordable ICT infrastructure that supports the provision of multiple applications and services to meet the needs of the NUR and its researchers, especially regarding efficient and timely service delivery.

The ICT infrastructure support project will have 3 main components: (1) upgrading and maintenance of existing ICT infrastructure including the wireless initiative, (2) Training of ICT Technician and (3) the development of a single sign on portal.