UR-Sweden Program for Research, Higher Learning Education and Institutional Advancement Annual Review Meeting (ARM) 20th -23rd October 2014

The Annual Review Meeting (ARM) was a 4 Day Conference held to review progress in last phases including the current phase which is to end in 2018. The ARM was officially opened by Prof. Silas Lwakabamba, The Minister of Education with the Vice Chancellor, Prof. James McWha, and the Swedish Team led by Maria Hakansson who is in charge of Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden in Rwanda.




Participants in the meeting included DVC of Academic Affairs and Research, DVC of Administration and Finance, Embassy Representatives, Principals of Colleges & Coordinator of Nyagatare Campus, Rwandan Team leader­s and Deputy Team leaders, Swedish Team leaders and Deputy Team leaders and Program Coordination Office.



Raymond Ndikumana the Overall Programme Coordinator, gave an overview of the UR-Sweden Program for Research, Higher Learning Education and Institutional Advancement: Where we come from, where we are and where we are going.

From right(Raymond Ndikumana, overall project Coordinator,Bengt Ove Turessen and Theresa Lagali

The ARM included general presentations of the program, presentations through sub program formed to achieve overall objectives of the program and coming up with final resolutions that will help in delivery a quality program.

The Annual Progress Report 2013 summaries reports see more details on this link