Annual Planning Meeting (APM) 2015 at UPSSALA.

The UR-Sweden Program for Research, Higher Education and Institutional Advancement

The Annual Planning Meeting (APM) which is currently ongoing from 3rd to 9th May 2015 at Uppsala, Sweden.

The event is being held at Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala Campus.

This Annual Planning Meeting was also attended by Her Excellency V. Sebundandi , The Rwanda ambassador to Sweden.

The objectives: The Annual Planning meeting (APM) is a strategic Forum, where partners involved in the UR-Sweden program sit and discuss strategies and key performance indicators for the academic year 2015-2016.The meeting draws from the past years implementation and share best practices that can be upheld for implementation in the following year. The meeting is also an opportunity for Swedish and Rwandan partners to work on and discuss the detailed activity plan and related budget for the programme for the financial year 2015-2016.

Some of the participants include the DVC of Academic Affairs and Research, the DVC of Administration and Finance, Rwandan Team Leaders, Swedish Team leaders and Deputy Team Leaders, Programme Coordination Office, Embassy Representatives and PHD Students.

APM in Sweden 2015-2016


The Annual Planning Meeting for 2015-2016 will take place in Uppsala, Sweden

Annual Review Meeting for UR SWEDEN PROGRAM

10-17-2015 19:39

Annual Review Meeting (ARM), 19-23 October 2015

Location: Nobleza Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda

The objective of the meeting is to work on, present and discuss the Annual Progress Report on the programme activities during the financial year July 2014-June 2015.


Annual Work Plans + Budget 2015-2016 (compiled, final version)

05-30-2015 00:00
06-19-2015 15:00

It is a requirement to have 
Annual Work Plans + Budget 2015-2016 (compiled, final version)

Final version -Sub-programme plan + budget based on APM comments (2015-2016)

05-10-2015 08:00
05-30-2015 18:53

Plan 2015-2016 Guided by Internal UR 

The Fourth PhD student in the Mathematics sub-programme of the University of Rwanda-Sweden bilateral programme has now completed his studies; PhD JJaphet Niyobuhungiro

Japhet Niyobuhungiro, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics has defended his PhD Thesis, 

Public Disputations - Department of Mathematics 
Japhet Niyobuhungiro presents his thesis "Exact Minimizers in Real Interpolation. Characterization and Applications". Opponent is Professor Luboš Pick, Charles University, Czech Republic.
Location: Nobel (BL 32), B Building, entrance 23, Campus Valla

The third PhD student in the Mathematics sub-programme of the University of Rwanda-Sweden bilateral programme has now completed his studies; PhD Joseph Nzabanita

Public defence of doctoral thesis - Joseph Nzabanita, Mathematical Statistics
 Bilinear and Trilinear Regression Models with Structured Covariance Matrices on Thursday, 11th June at 1.15 PM in Nobel (BL 32), B Building, Campus Valla.

Opponent is Dr Miguel Fonseca, Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal.

New Doctor in Peace and Development Research

A new doctor in Peace and Development research, Dr Peter J. Mugume, who successfully defended his thesis today, 8th May 2015

New PhD Graduate in Telecomminication

Charles KABIRI has successfully completed his doctorate degree in Telecommunication Systems through the UR-Sweden Programme—ICT Research. 
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