VACANT POSITIONS -School of Journalism and Communication

The University of Rwanda has partnered with the Fojo Media Institute, Sweden, in a 4-year project to develop capacity for the School of Journalism and Communication (SJC). The University is seeking two (2) full-time qualified and experienced staff to plan, implement and monitor the project in coordination with the SJC and Fojo staff. The positions are as follows:

1. Programme Coordinator

2. Finance and Administrative Officer


a) Programme coordinator:

To plan, implement and monitor the SJC part of the project – in cooperation with the management at SJC and under the project manager from Fojo Media Institute – in order to fulfil the expected outcomes as stated in the project proposal. This includes among other things:

a) local coordination of the programme including planning for all logistics involved in its implementation

b) prepare periodic narrative reports

c) follow up the project baseline and monitoring activities and organize the endline study

d) facilitating the management of project resource persons and networking with media stakeholders locally and abroad

e) support the implementation of all planned activites under the programme in collaboration with SJC/UR and Fojo


• A degree in Management or Business administration and Marketing, project management or the equivalent.

● Proven working experience with donor-funded programs especially in media or related sectors.

● Flexible, organized and sensitivity to deadlines.

● Excellent interpersonal communication skills in English.

● Knowledge of the media landscape in Rwanda is expected.

b) Financial and administrative Officer

To assist in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the project locally, under the programme coordinator, in order to fulfil the expected outcomes as stated in the project proposal. This includes, but is not limited to:

a) financial accounting, management and reporting at regular intervals

b) bookkeeping, and proper file management in accordance with the agreed budget and time plan for the project

c) ensure effective administration and internal control of project resources (including inventorying)

d) facilitate procurement of all required project resources and payment for services rendered

e) facilitating all project audit procedures

f) assist the programme coordinator in all programme activities


● A degree in accounting, finance, business administration, project management or equivalent qualifications.

● Proven experience in accounting and financial management of projects.

● Excellent interpersonal communication skills in English. Working knowledge of Kinyarwanda is an asset.

● Good financial report writing skills.

Applicants should demonstrate their expertise in planning media-related project activities as well as experience in media development in Rwanda. Successful candidates should also be ready to start work immediately.

Please submit your applications with supporting documents (detailed CV, work testimonials and academic certificates) to the following e-mail addresses: dir_hr.cass@ur.ac.rw copy to b.habimana@ur.ac.rw andanki.wood@lnu.se

The deadline to receive applications is 15th November 2015 at 5.00 pm


Japhet Niyobuhungiro, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics has defended his PhD Thesis, 

Public Disputations - Department of Mathematics 
Japhet Niyobuhungiro presents his thesis "Exact Minimizers in Real Interpolation. Characterization and Applications". Opponent is Professor Luboš Pick, Charles University, Czech Republic.
Location: Nobel (BL 32), B Building, entrance 23, Campus Valla
For more info see http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:liu:diva-118357, contact Japhet Niyobuhungiro, e-mailjaphet.niyobuhungiro@liu.se.
Source: LiU Website


Public defence of doctoral thesis - Joseph Nzabanita, Mathematical Statistics
 Bilinear and Trilinear Regression Models with Structured Covariance Matrices on Thursday, 11th June at 1.15 PM in Nobel (BL 32), B Building, Campus Valla.

Opponent is Dr Miguel Fonseca, Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal.
JosephNzabanita, is the third PhD student complete in Mathematics sub-programme of the University of Rwanda-Sweden from Linkoping University in Department of Mathematics.

Relevant links: 
Access the thesis full Text and details; click here  

List of papers

Source: LiU Website

A new doctor in Peace and Development research, Dr Peter J. Mugume, who successfully defended his thesis today, 8th May 2015
Title: Environmental Conflicts Management in Rwanda: The Role of Decentralization 
Faculty Examiner: Assistant Professor Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs,
Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University
Dr Peter J. Peter Mugume, is a staff University of Rwanda, College of Arts and Social Sciences, He as been support by UR Sweden Program
Congratulations Peter, 
Dr Peter Mugume after his public Defence at UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURG

School of Global Studies

Charles KABIRI has successfully completed his doctorate degree in Telecommunication Systems through the UR-Sweden Programme—ICT Research. 
Dr Charles KABIRI is a UR Staff from the College of Science and Technology (CST). In 2011, he was enrolled in the PhD programme at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Karlskrona. On 29 April 2015, Dr Charles KABIRI completed his doctoral studies with a successful public defense of the thesis: 
Title: On the Performance of Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks with Interference Constraints and Relaying 
Main Supervisor: Professor Hans-Jürgen Zepernick(BTH), 
Co-Supervisor: Professor Lars Lundberg (BTH) and Dr. Felix Akorli (former NUR).
Now we can CONGRATULATE Dr. Charles KABIRI for this successful completion of PhD studies. 
Said Rutabayiro Ngoga, PhD
TeamLeader eGovernmence and ICT research 

The UR-Sweden Program for Research, Higher Education and Institutional Advancement

The Annual Planning Meeting (APM) which is currently ongoing from 3rd to 9th May 2015 at Uppsala, Sweden.

The event is being held at Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala Campus.

This Annual Planning Meeting was also attended by Her Excellency V. Sebundandi , The Rwanda ambassador to Sweden.

The objectives: The Annual Planning meeting (APM) is a strategic Forum, where partners involved in the UR-Sweden program sit and discuss strategies and key performance indicators for the academic year 2015-2016.The meeting draws from the past years implementation and share best practices that can be upheld for implementation in the following year. The meeting is also an opportunity for Swedish and Rwandan partners to work on and discuss the detailed activity plan and related budget for the programme for the financial year 2015-2016.

Some of the participants include the DVC of Academic Affairs and Research, the DVC of Administration and Finance, Rwandan Team Leaders, Swedish Team leaders and Deputy Team Leaders, Programme Coordination Office, Embassy Representatives and PHD Students.

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Annual Planning Meeting (APM), 3-9 May 2015, Uppsala, Sweden

Location: The Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala Campus

Objectives: The annual Planning Meeting (APM) is a strategic forum, where the partners involved in the UR- Sweden program sit and discuss the priorities and key performance indicators for the academic year 2015-2016. The meeting draws on the past year implementation and share best practices that can be upheld for better im- plementation in the following year. The meeting is also an opportunity for the Swedish Partners and Rwandan partners to work on and discuss the detailed activity plan and related budget for the programme for the financial year 2015-2016.

Participants: DVC of Academic Affairs and Research, DVC of Administration and Finance, Rwandan Team leaders , Swedish Team leaders and Deputy Team leaders, Programme Coordination Office, Embassy Representatives and PhD students Second Phase


African Scholar Program

Closing Date for applications:   November 30, 2014


Senior Researcher. With focus on the study of African economies.

The Nordic Africa Institute’s new African Scholar Program aims to provide time to conduct research for scholars at African higher education and research institutions. The program offers a fulltime senior research position at the Nordic Africa Institute for the duration of 12 months. The program is aimed primarily at researchers who need time for writing and finishing up of their ongoing research.

In this advert of the program, NAI specifically target researchers with focus on the studies of African economies with perspective on national and/or regional development in Africa.  

NAI offers a stimulating research environment with a broad spectrum of research areas, researchers from different social and scientific backgrounds, library facilities, seminar series and publications. In addition, the institute is linked to an extensive net of international research institutions in Africa and the Nordic countries. As a researcher at the Institute your research project must fit in one or two of the institute’s four research clusters: 

Rural Cluster 
Agrarian Change, Property and Resources

Conflict Cluster 
Conflict, Security and Democratic Transformation
African International Links Cluster 
Trade, Migration and Cooperation
Urban Cluster 
Urban Dynamics

The researchers at the institute also have institutional duties such as participate in the activities pertaining to NAI´s scholarship programs, planning seminars, information and dissemination.
For details Click here


UR, Swedish varsities in joint bid to enhance post-graduate studies

The University of Rwanda and the Swedish government are seeking to strengthen partnership in post-graduate study and research.

This was disclosed during the launch of the 3rd phase of the 12-year partnership in Kigali on Monday.

“The programme aims at improving research capacity and use of research knowledge at post-graduate level,” said Raymond Ndikumana, the partnership coordinator.

Under the five-year-deal (2013-2018), 60 Rwandans are to get PhD scholarships to Sweden, 90 research grants are to be issued locally, and the UR should have capacity to offer various PhD programmes by 2018.

Ndikumana said the partnership that started with the National University of Rwanda (NUR) in 2002 (before it was merged with others to form UR) , saw 200 students graduate with masters degrees while 59 were awarded PhD scholarships between 2003 and 2010.  Source; Newtimes of October 22, 2014 [Click for more details]



UR Sweden Programme  Group Photo
On 20th October 2014 through to 23rd October 2014, University of Rwanda (UR)- Sweden Program for Research, Higher Learning and Institution Advancement held its Annual Review Meeting for the 5 Year Program for 2013-2018.


The ARM was officially opened by Prof. Silas Lwakabamba, The Minister of Education, who was also involved from the concept level of the program. “It is through committed leadership and engagement from team members that the program can propel to greater heights. So far as briefly presented, there have been a lot of results and more can be done in this phase of the program,” he said as he opened the meeting.

The Program concept started in 2002 and was fully fledged in 2003 and since then there have been 3 levels of the Program. 2003-2006 was focused on promoting research, training and development of institutional capacity. 2007-2013, the focus was on improving the research capacity of staff. For 2013-2018, the focus will be to increase production and use of scientific knowledge of international quality that contributes to Rwanda's development.
The Partnership so far has had the following results;

  • 63 Postgraduate Students have gone through the PhD program in different universities and 22 have graduated
  • Research organs & guidelines to deal with research grants were established
  • 32 ordinary grants: 35 application received, 26 grants awarded
  • 13 Postdoc grants: 14 Application received, 13 awarded
  • A curriculum for a Doctoral supervisors’ course
  • Conference attendance 10 staff supported, 3 staff supported to pay for publication fee, 1 exhibition by CAVM supported
  • PhD Students published as part of their PhD (progress reports), & after their PhD

The Partnership has brought the following universities from Sweden as part of the program: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Linkoping University, Jönköping University, University of Gothenburg, Umeå University, Örebro University, Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Borås University, Blekinge Institute of Technology, KTH Royal Institue of Technology and Lund University.

Swedish Chargé d'Affaires Maria Håkansson

Other Guests Present include, Vice Chancellor, Prof. James McWha, Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration, Pudence Rubingisa, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs and Research, All College Principals and the Swedish Group lead by Maria Hakansson who is in charge of Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden in Rwanda.
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By Rehema Abdul,
Public Relations Officer,
UR-College of Business and Economics
Marketing and Communications Office